Welding and Refrigeration


We are a recognized, leading expert at defending ships against their worst enemy - corrosion. Ballast tanks and other areas that are intermittently wet from sea spray and condensation are most subject to risk. We offer a choice of proven products for protecting these vulnerable areas from corrosion.


AMEROX® gases, cylinders and gas welding and cutting equipment and consumables are available worldwide, for onboard flame-cutting, brazing and welding. The AMEROX Ships Cabinet is the most user-friendly available to the industry.


In an era of increasing environmental regulation, the choices of refrigerants and systems are becoming more complex. We now inventory and supply AMERFROST™ 134a and 404a, as well as many other new refrigerants, in addition to our ongoing supply of AMERFROST A22.

We also supply arc welding, plasma cutting equipment and electrodes. There are many more products available. Further information can be obtained by contacting us.