Water Treatment


We offer comprehensive and advanced water-treatment programs for boilers, diesel engine cooling systems and evaporator/distillers. This series of programs and approvals meets the industry’s needs and is backed by a network of trained service professionals.

Boiler Water Systems

The DREWPLEX dual treatment program brings in a new era in boiler-water technology and the antidote to boiler uncertainties, with proven value for increasing the efficiency and life of the entire steam-generating system. To learn more, view our DREWPLEX AT/OX Brochure (requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Our treatments include:
bullet AGK® 100 boiler and feedwater treatment
bullet AMERZINE® corrosion inhibitor
bullet DREW™ BWT 4 boiler water treatment
bullet GC™ concentrated alkaline liquid and ADJUNCT B™ phosphate boiler water treatment
bullet LIQUID COAGULANT™ boiler sludge conditioner
bullet SLCC-A™ condensate corrosion inhibitor
bullet CATALYZED SULFITE™ corrosion inhibitor

Water Treatment Testing

Count on us for advanced ampoule technology and easy-to-use systems for daily monitoring of your steam system operation and conditions. Our modern, self-contained test kits, with vacuum-sealed, self-filling ampoules containing pre-measured reagents, set the industry standard. These kits are supplied with easy-to-use apparatus and are highly accurate for analyzing water samples. They combine unparalleled accuracy with ease of use.

Cooling Water Systems & Treatment

Because a cooling water system is an essential part of a diesel engine, a carefully controlled water treatment program is essential for its efficient operation. The water treatment program is monitored with a few simple tests, and the control tests are the basis on which the chemical dosage is adjusted. Testing and chemical dosing should be done on a regular basis and is a vital part of a successful treatment program.

Efficient engines are critical to the ship's well being. During combustion, the temperatures of the gases are extremely high and, without proper cooling, the engine will eventually malfunction. To prevent this overheating, engines in the marine market are typically cooled with water. It is important to protect the engine by using distilled water that has been treated with a corrosion inhibitor. Corrosion inhibitors create a barrier between the water and the metal or create a protective film to strengthen the metal from being attacked.

Drew Marine provides an assortment of cooling water treatment chemicals along with information on applications, controls and dosage requirements for each product. These cooling water treatment chemicals include:

bullet DEWT® NC diesel engine water treatment
bullet MAXIGARD® diesel engine water treatment
bullet LIQUIDEWT™ cooling water treatment
bullet Drewsperse SWD

Evaporator Treatment

The evaporator is the source of the usable water on a ship, outside of that taken aboard and carried in fresh water tanks. It's essential that the evaporator functions properly in order to ensure high purity water for the ship's use. If not properly maintained and cleaned, scale deposits will form. This can reduce the amount of heat that is transferred and thus reduce the water production level.

Scale formation can be minimized by the use of chemical treatments, which prevent hard scale from building up on the heat transfer surfaces. This helps maintain water production and also minimizes the need for acid cleaning to remove scales.

Drew Marine offers the following Evaporator treatments:

bullet AMEROYAL® evaporator treatment
bullet AMEROYAL CF concentrated evaporator
bullet AMEROYAL CF/HG concentrated evaporator treatment

There are many more products available. Please contact us for more information.