Packaging, Jointing & Sealing


We provide a comprehensive line of packings and jointing materials, consisting of non-asbestos components, which help operators reduce costs, equipment repair and cargo damage. Our packings resist corrosion, chemicals and wear. Jointing materials are available in neoprene, cork, fiber, nylon or rubber.

Some of the products include:

Compression Packing

bullet AMERINE™ 2500 Packing
bullet AMERINE 800 Packing
bullet AMERINE 600 Packing
bullet AMERINE 400 Packing
bullet AMERPACK® 1200 Packing
bullet AMERFLON® Thread Tape
bullet AMERFLON Joint Sealant
bullet AMERFLON Valve Stem Packing

Sheet Jointing

bullet AMERINE CF Jointing
bullet AMERINE CFR Jointing
bullet AMERINE S Jointing
bullet AMERALL™ N Jointing
bullet AMERALL PN Jointing
bullet AMEROID® Rubber Insertion Jointing

And our latest addition to our deck-sealing applications line -

DREW HATCH GRIP™ Adhesive Tape

DREW HATCH GRIP™ Adhesive Tape prevents seawater from penetrating hatches and causing damage to your cargo. It provides an extra measure of protection for hatch-sealing systems on most vessels or when emergency repairs are vital. This extremely clean tape features space-age technology, which provides premier protection against water infiltration. It also provides exceptional adhesion, giving ultra-strength. It has proved to be reliable, highly conformable and easy to handle. The tape also is lightweight and provides superior tear-resistance. For less waste, it is packed in rolls.

There are many more products available, please contact us for more information.