Fuel Management


Our complete Fuel Management Program optimizes fuel performance with emphasis on cost-effective results. The program uses a fuel treatment diagnostics approach, which promotes using fuel additives to address specific problems (vs. for preventive maintenance only), thereby achieving maximum benefit from fuel treatment expenditures.

Fuel sampling and onboard testing

Use MAR-TEC™ In-Line Flow Proportion and Drip-Type Sampling Units and MAR-TEC™ Onboard Fuel Test Kits for fuel tests related to viscosity, compatibility, density, pour point, water content, and salt contamination. Injection and storage temperatures, blending ratios and ignition quality can also be calculated.

Chemical fuel additives

Fuel Handling and Storage

AMERGY® 222 fuel oil conditioner minimizes effects of fuel instability and incompatibility, thus eliminating sludge formation.

AMERGY® 1000 combustion improver promotes more complete combustion and maximizes energy released from distillate fuels.

U.S. EPA-registered AMERSTAT® 25 microbiocide fuel treatment is highly effective in providing total control against bacterial growth in distillate fuel while in storage tanks.

FOT™ fuel oil treatment is a highly effective blend of self-dispersing solvents, surfactants, detergents and emulsifying agents. It’s formulated to overcome the numerous difficulties associated with handling and burning heavy residual fuels.

Combustion improvers and deposit modifiers

AMERGIZE® deposit modifier/combustion improver reduces the formation of corrosive ash deposits on exhaust valves and turbochargers and maintains lube oil TBN.

Soot removers

SOOT RELEASE™ soot combustion catalyst removes existing fireside deposits from steam boilers at a controlled rate, reducing the risk of stack fires.

LT SOOT RELEASE™ low-temperature soot remover eliminates soot deposits from exhaust gas boilers at temperatures as low as 200°C (392°F).

DREWCLEAN® EST economizer soot treatment is a highly effective combustion catalyst, which makes soot particles non-adherent, for easy removal from exhaust gas economizers through soot blowing. The product is automatically dosed to the exhaust gas stream, using the DREW™ EGT (Exhaust Gas Treatment) Dosing System.

There are many more products available; please contact us for more information.