We are a recognized, leading expert at defending ships against their worst enemy - corrosion. Ballast tanks and other areas that are intermittently wet from sea spray and condensation are most subject to risk. We offer a choice of proven products for protecting these vulnerable areas from corrosion.

MAGNAKOTE® Rust Preventative/MAGNAKOTE® PLUS Rust Preventative

Other than the exterior hull areas of a ship, corrosion most severely attacks ballast tanks and void spaces. Replacement of metal loss is expensive, yet if these areas are left unprotected, it could dramatically shorten a ship’s life.

Controlling corrosion in ballast tanks is an ongoing process. A common approach to minimizing metal attack is through the use of MAGNAKOTE or MAGNAKOTE PLUS rust preventatives, both of which enable products to form a barrier between the air and the metal surface.

Both Magnakote and Magnakote Plus are excellent corrosion inhibitors, for use in protecting ballast and void tanks in the marine industry. They can also be used on VLCCs, FPSOs and FSOs in the offshore industry, in void spaces created in new, double-hull vessels, etc.

There are many more products available; please contact us for more information.

DREWTAN™ RC Rust Converter

Our DREWTAN™ RC Rust Converter can be used on rusted and/or sandblasted steel surfaces as a pre-painting/coating preparation. It neutralizes the corrosion process and quickly transforms iron oxides into a stable, insoluble, blue-black and metallo-organic inert surface. As it is not a coating, all DREWTAN RC-applied surfaces must be protected by a suitable paint and/or coating (after a minimum three-hour drying time) within 48 hours of DREWTAN RC treatment.

This rust converter is compatible with most paint types and coating systems, such as alkyd, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethanes, vinyls, and water-base. The product is non-hazardous and non-flammable, and the dry film is fire-retardant.

NEVAMELT™ Wire Rope Conditioner

This specially formulated product extends the life of wire ropes. It is a waterproof, tenaciously adhering and non-melting coating and lubricant that is insoluble in water and lasts longer than most grease.

NEVAMELT provides long-term protection to guys, stays, wire rope, blocks, winches, lifeboat davits and deck gear. It can be used in the same way as conventional grease and can be applied with a pressure gun, centralized pressure lubrication system or a brush. Insoluble in water, it also can be applied when wires are wet. Nevamelt lubricates, seals and can be easily touched up, if necessary.

There are many more products available. Further information can be obtained by contacting us.